today’s the day

By Brynne Erb, Carleton College (‘19) and Charlotte Knopp, Mount Holyoke College (‘19)

Today is graduation. In a couple of months, we’ll be stepping onto new campuses and into new writing centers. But today, we are reflecting on our years at Minnetonka––and we want to thank the Writing Center, which has been a huge part of our high school experience. From the elation that accompanied the acceptance email signifying the start of our Writing Coach careers back in ninth grade to our anxiety-racked first training at the District Service Center to this year’s pilot “Writing Center Seminar” to the IWCA Florida trip, the Writing Center has filled our high school years with growth, learning, friendship, and writing. Ms. Shea and Ms. Bunte cultivated a community of learners, leaders, and readers. We joined other bookish teens and our fondness for each other grew. We became a community that was an outlet for our pent up love of reading and writing. We feel so lucky to have been a part of this group, truly a family at Minnetonka, and are grateful for all the opportunities and learning we have been given by the Writing Center.

(left to right) Charlotte, Ms. Shea, and Brynne at the Writing Center's Year-End Breakfast

(left to right) Charlotte, Ms. Shea, and Brynne at the Writing Center’s year-end breakfast

Keeping with the spirit of this blog as a writing resource, here’s our last little tidbit of advice: read. Read broadly and read well. Read in the car, in the line waiting for coffee, in your bed before you sleep. Read at times you’d usually pull out your phone and putz around. Read thoughtfully, carefully, wholly, experimentally, excitedly.  Good writers are good readers, and good readers are good people. Spend your summer exploring worlds other than your own. Learn, experience, live vicariously. You will learn that in losing yourself in the stories of others, you find yourself.  Spend this summer relaxing and learning and basking in literature. You’ll be surprised by how much your writing improves come the fall.

Charlotte on a book-buying-binge yesterday

Charlotte on a book-buying-binge yesterday

Brynne with her beloved Jane Eyre. PC: MJFotography

Brynne with her beloved Jane Eyre. Photo credit:  MJFotography

And finally, before we go, we’d like to welcome our new blog editors: Sam Zattera (senior), Elise Johnson (junior), and Anna Barnard (junior). We’re confident they’ll take good care of our baby blog, and we’re excited to keep reading it!