Onward and upward

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A big thank you and best wishes from this year’s writing coaches.

The 2016 school year is coming to a close: the freshmen have gotten through their first year in high school, the sophomores have survived the drudgery of APUSH, the juniors have finally emerged from the Onslaught of Junior Year, and the seniors will be walking across the stage of Grace Church tonight to be given the title of alums.

As much as we’d like to be sentimental, we know you all have created memories at MHS this year just like we have, and have experienced some of the same feelings: of seeing your friends in the hallways every morning, of walking to class, of greeting your favorite teachers, of getting food at the Cove, of pep fests and dances…we don’t need to reiterate it all for you, because you know how it felt. So we’ll keep this short and sweet.

We want to leave with a final thank you: thank you for making the Writing Center a home within MHS this year. Thank you for sharing your writing, for reading each other’s writing, for stimulating conversations and smiles. Writing it Out has been a place where we can share our thoughts and insights with MHS students in different ways, and we’re grateful that we have a place to share writing and a place where others can read it.

Keep writing, keep reading, keep imagining…

Best wishes, your editors, Sam, Elise, and Anna


A Grateful Goodbye

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MHS seniors waiting to sign-up for Senior Serve

by Alanna Anglum, senior writing coach

My final post on this blog is incidentally the perfect wrap up. I’m a senior coach whose time here at Minnetonka is coming to an end. I write this at 5:30am, as I sit on the “iconic” speckled floor of Minnetonka High School with hundreds of fellow classmates. Needless to say, I’m TIRED, and I clearly procrastinated–even my last task as a writing coach was semi-behind the 8 ball. It’s a legacy (I think). So what am I doing here? What would possibly compel hundreds of seniors to drag themselves out of bed, camp outside, huddle on the concrete floor of the school we often loath, and still be willing to face the whole day to come after? On paper, we are doing it to score the best volunteer project (which frankly on its own is an impressive feat). I can safely tell you though, I didn’t do this for the chance to volunteer. I didn’t do this because I was “afraid of missing out” on some shenanigans. 

We’re here because that’s what we do. 

We show up. There will always be drama. There will always be a test. There will be work or other less exciting obligations. There will always be plenty of reasons to get a good night’s sleep. 

I’m just now starting to appreciate the reasons to stay up late and get up early, sadly a little too late. Any Junior will tell you they too have figured this out, but that’s not true. They do it because they have to; we seniors are here because we want to. 

I know some would be reluctant to admit it, but there’s a lot of love in these hallways. I mean genuine love. Personally as I reflect, I own up to the fact that I’ve been somewhat of a lonely Minnetonka student. I love my classmates more than I can express at 5:30 am, but I get back a different kind of love. A lifelong best friend is not something I’ll leave Minnetonka with. There is no one that pulled me out of bed this morning and told me, “Alanna, you HAVE to come with us!” I showed up by myself. But more often than not, the things you do aren’t really about you, and there won’t be someone dragging you out of bed. Maybe this is where the volunteer aspect of our “Senior Serve” camp-out comes into play. Again, the things you do aren’t about you, but they’re about how they make you feel. 

As Minnetonka, I didn’t find a lifelong BFF but I found a community. I found a sense of urgency in showing up.

You can barely hope to scrape the surface of our deepest gratitude as outbound seniors. The greatest gift of all our clubs, classes, friends, and teachers have given us is this sense of power in our presence. We don’t recognize the fact that we have it yet, this gift of active passion, but the amazing thing is that we will be able to pass it on. Minnetonka, you’ve stirred something in all of us. For that, me and my future self thank you.

The seniors are turning from giddy to crabby as we speak. The initial novelty is wearing off. But as you walk down the halls in mere hours, the buzzing conversation will circle around the seniors that DID show up. They’ll forget the sticky floor, the ungodly 5 am hour, and the sight of exhausted faces. They’ll be talking about this and all other Minnetonka events with the perspective of accomplishment in showing up and participating. 

Thank you for showing us the value in ourselves. Even if we don’t completely understand it yet, you got me out of bed at 4:45 this morning.