2016-2017 Coach Profiles

Meet the 2016-2017 Writing Center staff:



Anna Barnard

Hey there! My name is Anna, and I’m a senior and 3rd year writing coach at the Writing Center. This is also my second year as a Writing it Out blog editor. I love reading, writing, listening to and playing music (I play saxophone and bassoon), spending time with my family, traveling, crocheting, running, and cooking. Catcher in the Rye and ginger tea are a few of my favorite things, and I’m a hopeless adventurer at heart. Please stop into the Writing Center this year, whether it be for a conference, or just to say hi!

Elise Johnson – Senior Writing Coach


Anne Malloy

Hi! My name is Anne. I’m a junior, a second year writing coach, and a co-editor of the blog for my first time this year. I love reading and writing (of course) but when I’m not doing either of those you can find me sewing, playing with my dog Misty, cooking or taking photos. I have a passion for wearing plaid and nerdy sweatshirts, and that pretty much sums me up. I can’t wait to see you all in the Writing Center this year!


Morgan Ambourn


Grace Bonde

Hi guys! My name is Grace, I’m a senior, and this is my third year being a writing coach. I am also a Head Delegate in Model United Nations, participating in National Art Honors Society, and enjoying the party that is French Club. I love outdoorsy-smelling candles and reading really awful YA books. I’m a giant grammar nerd and strong proponent of the oxford comma, as well as an obsessive water bottle collectionist. My household is still getting used to the addition of a rambunctious springer spaniel pup named Ollie, but he’s already one of the family. I look forward to seeing all of you in the writing center this year for conferences or just using it as a space to work!

Patrick Brady

Connor Erb

Alec Huynh

Libby Isaacson

Hello everyone!  I’m Libby Isaacson and I am a senior and third-year writing coach.  When I’m not at school, I am often found at an ice rink – I’m a figure skater and I work as a skate school instructor at the Eden Prairie Community Center.  I have two dogs (a pug and a golden retriever) and two younger brothers (a freshman and a sophomore).  I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy and dark chocolate, and I love the writing center because it’s a place where anyone can receive help on any kind of writing assignment!  Stop in sometime and say hi!


Max Musselman

Hey everybody! My name is Max Musselman, and I am a senior writing coach. Aside from the Writing Center, I am on the varsity football and lacrosse teams at MHS. Also, I am a member of YDC, DECA, and Spanish Club. In my free time, I love listening to music, hanging out with friends, and spending time outdoors. This is my second year being a writing center coach, and I am very excited to get back to work.

Kenna McRae

Will O’Connor


Ceci Stratton

Hi my name is Ceci, and I am a senior writing coach! I am a super band nerd and proud, playing trombone in various musical ensembles at the high school. I love reading and writing, and if you are ever in need of help with a clever essay title, I’m your gal! In addition to being a band nerd, I am also a Star Wars nerd 🙂 I can’t wait to see you all around the writing center this year!

Jessie Wang

Hi friends! I’m Jessie Wang and I’m a senior writing coach this year. I absolutely love music, and I’m a dedicated violinist. I’m also a dancer and a fan of Pinterest, HGTV, bread (yes), and journaling. Although I’m big on science, I’m still a huge nerd for creative writing and literature. I’m so excited for another year in the Writing Center! 🙂


Emily Boismier

Luke Bunday

Hi! I’m Luke; I’m a junior and second year writing coach. Reading, drawing, writing, biking, and sleeping are all gerunds that make me happy. Biology is my favorite subject, and I’m a co-leader of Biology Club this year (which you should all attend!). Incidentally, I have several pet turtles and a rabbit, and I think animals and living things in general are pretty amazing. Really — stop and think about it for a moment — aren’t cows wonderful? Also: trees! I rest my case. Anyway, besides biology-related things, I’m also a member of Debate and Science Olympiad, and you can find me in the Writing Center most mornings. Never hesitate to stop in to study or conference on a writing assignment or just sit in the comfy furniture! Hope to see you around!

Saahil Chada


Mari Ferrer-Lugo

Hey there everyone! My name is Mari Ferrer-Lugo and I’m one of the many junior coaches this year. I absolutely love playing sports especially soccer. I am in the varsity soccer team at our soccer. I also love reading. My favorite books are Sunday’s at Tiffany’s and 13 Reasons why. Other things I enjoy are drawing, playing sudoku and traveling. This summer I went to Spain and I loved it! I have two dogs, Miró and Dalí (which are Spanish names), and I have 1 brother, who is a sophomore. I am very excited for another great year!!!


Addie Gill

Hey! My name is Addie, and I am a Junior writing coach this year. I love to bike, kayak, hike, and just generally be in nature. Aside from schoolwork, I dance, volunteer with my church on a regular basis, and play the piano. I also love blueberries, dark chocolate and snuggling up on a rainy day with a good book or a few episodes of criminal minds. I’m so excited for this year of helping others elevate their writing and learning about my own writing style!

Anna Heinen

Hello, I’m Anna! I am a junior and second year writing coach. I have played the piano for nine years and do cross country in the fall. In my free time I enjoy doing pottery, reading, and, of course snuggling with my dog Heidi. When I have time, camp and hike on the Superior Hiking Trail. If I’m not doing one of the things listed above, you would probably find me in the comfy chairs underneath the bulletin board in Writing Center.


Hello! My name is Kate Schiltz, and I am a junior coach this year. When I’m not in the writing center, I love playing my clarinet in the band program, especially the marching band. As you can see in my profile picture, this summer I got to go on a tour of Europe with a band program. It was amazing! Along with reading and writing, I love watching scary movies, spending time with my family and friends, and traveling. I’m ready for another fantastic year!


Amanda Tahnk-Johnson

Hi! My name is Amanda and I am super excited to coach for another year. I love music, and I play flute and piano. I also perform in musical theater, and you can watch for me in Minnetonka Theater! I love my dogs, (the rest of my family as well), and Joe Mauer. I am excited for another great year!


Priscilla Trinh

Hey there, My name is Priscilla Trinh and I am a second-year, junior coach. Although my life revolves around academics, I try to find time to read (pleasure reading deprivation is a nation wide crisis!), run, cook, play piano, enjoy the company of my friends, and appreciate the beauty in all the little things. And in case you were wondering, I am Vietnamese and yes, I am bilingual. I look forward to coaching again this year and being a part of this wonderful resource provided by our school with alacrity – come to our events!


Katie Ward

It’s me Katie!!! I am a junior and this is my second year as a writing coach!!! I don’t really do that much but I do like dogs, the Fitzgeralds, the sun, Frida Kahlo, cookies, and the Oxford comma. I love the writing center. I love writing. Come talk to me.



Connor Brandt

Hello! I’m Connor Brandt, and I’m a sophomore writing coach. Aside from the center, I’m in one of the Minnetonka bands, and play the trumpet. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, playing DnD, and reading a lot (Tom Clancy is by far my favorite author, with the Bear and the Dragon as my favorite book.)

Preston Chan


Kaya Gendreau

Hey there! I’m Kaya, and a sophomore in the Writing Center this year. Outside of coaching, I am on JV for volleyball, and play the viola in the symphony orchestra. I spend almost every day of the year doing something volleyball related, whether it’s sand volleyball in the summer or club season in the winter. I LOVE chocolate, and also enjoy downhill skiing and eating chocolate. Whoops I already said that. Anyways, I have two younger pets, I mean brothers, and one dog named Lil’ Ann. I am honored and excited to be a coach in the Writing Center this year!


Mei Gong

Hey there! My name’s Mei and I’m super excited to be one of the new sophomore writing coaches this year! I love words, stories, and learning. Outside of school, when I’m not with my friends or family, I’m probably cooking (or otherwise experimenting) in my kitchen. I’m a big fan of chill days filled with yoga, books and music. I can’t wait to start in the Writing Center!

Blog Pic.jpg

Sarah Hamilton

Hi! My name is Sarah Hamilton, and I am a sophomore and a new writing coach this year. In my free time, I love playing soccer and hanging out with friends. I have two sisters in college (a freshman and a junior) and I love hanging out with them in the summer. If I’m not doing homework, I’m probably playing with my dog. I can’t wait for the next few years as a writing coach!

Christian Hilgemann

Claire Johnson

Hi! My name is Claire Johnson and I am a sophomore and first year writing coach. In the winter I enjoy downhill and Nordic skiing. In addition to working at the Writing Center I also am in DECA and Backpack Tutoring. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends and I enjoy reading. I look forward to many more year working in the Writing Center.

Ethan Mirman

Wyatt Mosiman

Claire Salmi

Adam Schneck


Becca Schumacher

Hi guys! My name’s Becca, and I’m a sophomore first year writing coach. Besides writing, I also enjoy reading (my current favorites are Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass and the Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer, but that changes frequently), playing the viola, tennis, and horseback riding. I also love traveling and all things language arts related. Besides that, Backpack tutoring, writing for Minnetonka Breezes and babysitting keep me busy.


Molly Smerillo

Hi! My name is Molly Smerillo and I am a sophomore writing coach this year. I dance competitively and am in the Minnetonka Treble Choir. My favorite season is fall and my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love to binge watch Gossip Girl, Friends, and Gilmore Girls and I secretly love superhero movies. If I had to choose a favorite book or series of books I would pick The Hunger Games trilogy. I look forward to writing for the blog and seeing everyone in the writing center this year!