2018-2019 Coach Profiles

Blog Editors 

Meili Gong

Hi there, I’m Mei, a senior high schooler, writing coach and blog editor! This mean I’m mega ready to rumble and tumble in my third year reading totally rad essays in the WC and having a blast editing and uploading for the blog! I absolutely love both of these positions and while I’m talking about things I love, I’ll just say that experiencing art things like paintings and poetry and performance dance are up there, along with groovin’ bops on Spotify, bagels at breakfast, and the bass clarinet. If you see me in the writing center, come on over and say hi!

Sarah Hamilton

Greetings!! My name is Sarah Hamilton and I am a senior writing coach. I am super excited to get back to my third year in the Writing Center and second year as co-editor of the blog. Beyond the Writing Center, I am involved in the IB Diploma Program, NHS, and First Mates. I also love to participate in the Minnetonka community by playing soccer and giving Adele’s in Excelsior PLENTY of business. I consider myself an ice cream fanatic, so please let me know if you have any recommendations! During the school year, you can almost always find me in the Writing Center. Hope to see you there!

Rebecca Schumacher

Hi! My name is Becca Schumacher and this is my third year coaching in the Writing Center. Aside from coaching, I also edit for Minnetonka Breezes and Muse Magazine, teach swimming lessons, and play viola in the Minnetonka orchestra. Reading (I highly recommend anything by Sarah J Maas or Rupi Kaur), chocolate, and Parks and Rec are some of my favorite things. Hope to see you in the Writing Center this year!

Alexa Vos

Hello! I’m Alexa Vos and a senior at Minnetonka. Besides looking forward to my second year as a writing coach and now a blog editor, I’m excited to check off some more things on my melodramatic, high school bucket list, which includes reading at least 20 more books this year (& I’m all ears for suggestions). I enjoy photography, eating lots of desserts—pastries, pies, and ice cream—and having philosophical conversations in my free time. Also, I work at Barnes and Noble in EP so if you ever see me there, say hi!

Maya Schrof

Hi!! I’m Maya Schrof, a Junior Writing Coach and Blog Editor. This is my first year as an editor and I couldn’t be more excited about the new features on Writing It Out this year! I enjoy experimenting with new methods of journaling, whether it be travel or bullet, and I’m always looking for new ideas! Outside of the Writing Center, my passions include volunteering with kids, fastpitch softball, and music. My most recent travels to Italy have left me with deep affection for Italian food… See you around!!

Faith Quist

大家好!My name is Faith Quist and I am a junior, second year writing coach, and blog editor! Other than reading and writing, I also enjoy watching movies, Chinese dramas, painting my nails, eating shredded cheese, and pretending that I can sing to the radio! I AM AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF BACHELOR NATION!!! If you ever need to discuss the current drama happening in Bachelor World, feel free to come talk to me! I am also heavily involved in band! I am in Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble I, Pep Band, Music Listening Team, and more!!! If you ever need help with writing, feel free to come talk to me! I am also fluent in Chinese so let’s say 你好 to each other!

Senior Coaches

Molly Smerillo

Hi! My name is Molly Smerillo, and I am a senior writing coach this year. I am very excited to make my third and final year as a Writing Center coach my best year yet! Outside of MHS and the Writing Center, I enjoy spending most of my time at my dance studio in Chaska MN. I also enjoy watching movies, having fun with my friends, and shopping (especially thrift shopping). My favorite books are the Hunger Games Trilogy, which I highly recommend reading if you haven’t already!

Preston Chan

Hi! My name is Preston Chan, and I’m a senior and third year writing coach. Along with being a writing coach, I’m involved in DECA, NHS, and the varsity golf team. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling to new places, spending time with family and friends, and watching The Office. I’m really excited to be back at the Writing Center this year, and I look forward to meeting new people and helping out with writing assignments. See you soon!

Claire Johnson

Hi! I am Claire Johnson. I am a senior, and this is my third year as Writing Center coach. Besides being a coach I enjoy participating in DECA, NHS, NAHS, and Backpack Tutoring. In my free time I like to read, spend time with family and friends, listen to music, and spend time outside (especially skiing). I love winter! I am excited for another year in the Writing Center!

Kaya Gendreau

Hey there! My name is Kaya Gendreau and I am a senior, and third year, writing coach. Outside of the Writing Center, I am a volleyball player on our school’s varsity team, as well as a violist in the Symphony orchestra. I love to write, listen to all sorts of music, hang with friends, and eat chocolate ;). Most importantly, I love getting the chance to help people in any way possible, and believe that there is nothing better than helping others succeed (other than maybe a really good chocolate bar). I cannot wait for another great year at the Writing Center, and look forward to seeing you!

Claire Salmi

Hey! I’m Claire Salmi, a senior this year and a third-year coach. Besides hanging out in the Writing Center, at school I’m involved in lots of orchestra and NHS, and I’m also president of DECA this year. In my free time, I love to ski and rock climb, go for runs, volunteer with kids, and eat chocolate ice cream. I’m super excited to be back in the Writing Center this year!

Wyatt Moisman

Hello! Please enjoy the one good photo of me. My name is Wyatt Mosiman, and this year I’m a senior and a third year writing coach. You can almost always dine me hanging out in the WC, so come on in and say hi. Outside of the Writing Center I’m also (co) Editor in Chief of Breezes, the school’s newspaper. I’m also starting Origami Club this year, so I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze Star Wars into my schedule—sorry guys. I enjoy downhill skiing, cats, cacti, writing, being with friends, dogs, Star Wars, Mexican food, raincoats, origami, shirts that are gray and shorts that are red, IB, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, playing cello, fun socks, and the Oxford Comma.

Connor Brandt

Hello! I’m Connor Brandt, a senior at MHS in my third and (sadly) final year at the Writing Center. Outside of coaching, I enjoy reading (can’t go wrong with Clancy or Herbert), hanging out with my friends, staying up much too late almost every night, listening to my music, and camping. I’m looking forward to the coming year, and hope I’ll see you in the Writing Center!


Sophia Hicks

What’s up, fellow humans. I’m Sophie Hicks and I’m a senior writing coach. Besides the Writing center, some of my favorite places to be are in a ski chalet, the mountains, Birch Bark Books (where I took the photo above, no shame) and with my doggo. Some other things about me: I’m a terrible cook but I love to eat food, I like to over-quote Napoleon Dynamite, and my favorite hat is one I got from the NPR stand at the state fair. I love being a part of the writing center and hope to see some of you around!

Ethan Mirman

Christian Hilgemann

Junior Coaches

Isabella Hueffmeier

Howdy everybody! My name is Isabella Jo Hueffmeier, but you can call me Bella. This is going to be my first year in the writing center and I’m uber excited!! Some of my notable writing works have been my seventh grade angst poems, Huckleberry Finn essay, and the card I gave my mom for her 48th birthday. Other than that, I like to take and teach yoga classes, volunteer and sing through my church, play the guitar, read way too late at night, make all sorts of art, and hang out with my friends. I’m also a huge fan of music so if you have any playlists that you think I might enjoy, feel free to send them my way! Anywho, come visit the writing center!

Erika Schmidt

Hi! My name is Erika Schmidt; I am a junior and a first year writing coach.Other than writing you might catch me reading, watching movies, playing volleyball, or procrastinating. I love coffee and ice cream and coffee ice cream,too. I love to cook and my favorite class so far has been Culinary. I hope to see you in the writing center!

Seyoung Lee

Hello!! My name is Seyoung Lee, and I’m a junior, as well as a first year writing coach. I love to bake (Fun fact: I have a booth at the Excelsior Farmers’ Market where I sell my baked treats. Come find me sometime!), and have a particular affinity for pasta. During the winter, I ski on the Nordic ski team, but you can catch me roller skiing all year round, and infallibly making time for an annual spring break ski trip to Colorado. I also love essential oils and the occasional (ok, not so occasional) cup of tea!!! I play cello, guitar, and mandolin, as well as my new favorite folk instrument — the dulcimer. I can’t wait to see you in the writing center this year!

Isabella Milacnik

Hi!! My name is Isabella Milacnik, and I am a junior writing coach. Outside of the Writing Center, I love to read, write, and play volleyball. I’m also involved in People for Paws, International Studies, and Intercambio. My favorite food is ice cream (especially mint chip and coffee chip!!) and I LOVE dogs. I hope to see you in the Writing Center this year!!

Julia Ruelle

Hi! My name is Julia Ruelle, and I am a junior writing coach. I am a huge Boundary Waters fanatic and a board member of Kids for the Boundary Waters so if you’re interested in advocacy to save the BWCA, hit me up! I also love cross country running, Nordic skiing, and pretty much anything outside! I’m also an IB Diploma Candidate who loves to go to bed early (two things that do not go together, unfortunately). Coincidentally, I am becoming a tea addict and taking advantage of any free time I have to relax or have fun. I can’t wait for my second year of coaching, so come see me in the Writing Center!

Jai Chadha

Hi! I’m Jai Chadha, a junior and second year writing coach. Aside from spending a bunch of time in the Writing Center after school, I enjoy lounging outside and spending time with friends. I also spend my fair share bingeing TV shows, so HMU with a Netflix suggestion. If you ever want help with writing, or anything else really, stop me and ask! BTW, I have a new catch phrase: “LMAO, what the bruh,” so if you ever see me in the halls, say “LMAO” and I guarantee I will say “What the bruh” back. *Note: It is pronounced LMAO, not L-M-A-O* I also regularly go BeYOnD 1 FOurTy.

Max Meyer

Hi! I’m Max Meyer, and I’m a junior. This is my second year as a writing coach. I enjoy playing tennis and basketball, and doing karate. I also like being outside and exploring nature. Additionally, I’m a fan of watching TV (my favorite shows right now are “Friends” and “The Office”; definitely watch them if you haven’t), traveling (Costa Rica is super cool), and hanging out with friends and family. If you haven’t guessed, I also like writing and helping people write better, so please conference with me if you have any questions or need help with an essay!

Daniluz Schueller

Hi! My name is Daniluz Schueller and I am a junior writing coach. How I would characterize myself is someone who is a devoted older sister and loves anything related to the arts. Outside of my school life I really enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures. Over the summer I got to go to Perú and attend school experiencing what it felt like to be the “new kid” again. I also recently became a part of the Walk a Mile Book Club core team and am hoping y’all will come and participate (free book included)! This year I am super excited to experience my second year of coaching and I hope to have the opportunity to get to know each and everyone of you at the Writing Center!

Ellen McRae

Hiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Ellie McRae, a junior and second year writing coach. I’m super excited to work in the Writing Center again this year! I love reading and writing (of course), as well as art, poetry, and music. I’m involved in Model UN, French Club, Choir, Nordic skiing, and boxing. I’m happiest when I’m climbing trees (especially pine), traveling, and eating. Hope to see you in the Writing Center! #peaceout

Alexis Zucker

Hello!! My name is Alexis and I’m a junior and second year writing coach. If you don’t know me, here are life facts you should know: marshmallows are better burned to a crisp, The Office requires an advanced sense of humor (I don’t expect everybody to understand), Jetstream Jeff was the best thing to happen to Tonka (besides banana bread), and german shepherds are the cutest dogs. Now that that’s out of the way, I can tell you that I’m a bilingual IB diploma candidate, a diver, a synchronized swimmer, a flautist, a Spanish teacher at Scenic Heights, a leader of Women in STEM, and a competitive procrastinator. My most prized possessions are my scratch-off travel map, my Netflix one-month-free-trial accounts, my paddle boards, and my pictures. I look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center soon so we can take your ideas #beyond140!

Alex Arnold

Hi, I’m Alex Arnold and I’m a junior. I’m also a second year writing coach. I love to rock climb and nordic ski, but you can also catch me watching Psych when I’m doing those. I also play the viola in the orchestra, and I’m currently learning to play guitar, so ask me to play Take On Me sometime on either of them. I hope to see you in the Writing Center.


Jeana Schafer

Hello lovely writer! My name is Jeana Schafer, I’m a junior, and this is my first year as a writing coach. I can’t wait to help everyone’s beautiful essays sparkle to their fullest potential! When not in the Writing Center, I am either in the metal shop for robotics, at home studying (procrastinating, really), in Michigan with my dad, or somewhere new and exciting with friends. (Good luck finding me!) I adore people and absolutely love meeting and connecting with new people!

Sophomore Coaches

Tessa Lundheim

Hello! My name is Tessa Lundheim, and I am a sophomore writing coach this year at Minnetonka. At school, I am enrolled in honors and AP classes. I have also been in Spanish immersion since kindergarten. Outside of school, I love baking, acting, Zumba, and doing flips on my trampoline! I am so excited to start my first year at the Writing Center. Hope to see you there!

Aspen Schrupp

Hello!! I’m Aspen and am super excited to be a first year writing coach! As far as school goes, I am a sophomore, involved in choir, and a member of backpack tutoring. Outside of school you can usually find me playing volleyball, reading, or singing along to a groovy song. ABBA songs are pretty fun to sing, but I’m always down for a good 2000s or 80s throwback. Besides these things, I also love fruit, the ocean, thunderstorms, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. See you in the writing center!

Hailey Ens

Hi! My name is Hailey Ens and I am a sophomore writing coach and am currently taking honors 10 English. Besides writing, some of my interests include swimming, reading, cooking/baking, and traveling. I swim on the Minnetonka High a School Swim Team as well as the Minnetonka Swim Club. I also love hanging out with my friends and family(including my lovable cat Oshi). This is my first year as a writing coach and I cannot wait to get started.


Erin Brose

Hi there! My name is Erin Brose, I’m a sophomore and I am thrilled to be a new writing coach this year! I love to paint, so you can catch me in art club and I’m also a backpack tutor. Aside from school I love to run, ski, sail, and watch movies on a cozy fall day. I must also mention I really enjoy roaming Costco for free samples and baking cool recipes, so I’m open for any recommendations!! Stop by the writing center and say hi!

Ally Chan

Hi! I’m Ally Chan, and I’m a sophomore writing coach this year. I’m so excited to be part of the Writing Center as I love to write. I like to spend my free time golfing, skiing, baking, writing, traveling, and hanging out with my family and friends. Can’t wait to start coaching students and get them to enjoy all the writing opportunities they are given this year!

Urmee Das

Hi! My name is Urmee Das, and I’m a first year writing coach! I am heavily involved in music, and play piano, percussion, and am in the frontline of the marching band. This year, I’m taking English 10H and APUSH. In my free time, (or lack thereof) I love to read, bake, and spend time with friends and family. I’m so excited to start off sophomore year as a writing coach, if you see me make sure to say hi! I’d love to chat!

Ellie Retzlaff

Hi! My name is Ellie Retzlaff and I am a sophomore and a first year writing coach. In my free time, I enjoy being a runner for the track and cross country team as well as cooking, swimming, and being up north (yay for the boundary waters!). I also adore traveling and being in new places, so I am so happy that I get to explore the writing center this year!

Anna Geldert

Hi, all! My name is Anna Geldert, and I’m excited to begin my first year working with the writing center! In my free time I also enjoy volunteering at the library, playing volleyball, and doing yoga (that’s me in the pic at goat yoga!). When I’m not drowning in homework or reading, you will probably find me outside, possibly running, walking, hiking, rock climbing, camping, canoeing, or just admiring nature.

Kiana Yusefzadeh

Hi, my name is Kiana Yusefzadeh and I am a sophomore. When I’m not at the high school, I am training at a ballet school in Golden Valley. I love dogs and chocolate and I also really enjoy movies, one of my favorites being Lala Land. I hope to see you at the Writing Center!

Emil Liden

Steven Wang