Minnesotan Check!

by Ally Chan, junior writing coach

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Let’s face the facts: people from Minnesota are an entirely different species compared with anyone else in the United States. The factors that make us unique unify all Minnesotans with a feeling of pride. Winter is coming, which is the biggest factor that fosters Minnesotan pride and makes us truly who we are. It’s time to discuss the Minnesotan Check to see how much Minnesota is a part of you!

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Let’s talk about winter first and foremost. It is obvious that Minnesotans thrive on the bitter cold. There’s always several people walking to school in shorts and a t-shirt when it’s below zero outside, and a heavy winter coat is not as common as it should be in the freezing Minnesota weather. But if we’re being honest, no one actually cares about the temperature here: windchill is a major factor of concern for us. You’re going to hear complaints if there’s some strong wind coming our way. If you’re able to tough out the long and brutal winter season, even if you’re severely underdressed for the weather, you’re definitely Minnesotan.

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People in Minnesota have a love-hate relationship with the snow. Snow is wonderful, but it lasts from as early as October until late April. We’re lucky to have a snow day even when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. We’ve become so prepared and accustomed to snow that no amount can alarm us now; we’ve seen it all. So, if you’re a high school student living in Minnesota, don’t get your hopes up for a day off from school. It just won’t happen.

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All this talk about snow is a good reminder of the holiday season, which is almost upon us. This means get-togethers with family friends, dozens of holiday parties, and last-minute gift shopping for those you love. You’re bound to hit black ice, heavy snow drifts, and definitely some road construction on the way to the Mall of America to get Caribou and some gift shopping done. As they say, there’s only two seasons in the great state of Minnesota: winter (obviously) and road construction. And if winter construction and traffic doesn’t make you say “uff da,” you should question which state you really come from.

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Speaking of holiday parties, there’s nothing better than spending time with close friends and family and eating amazing food. Tasting delicious homemade foods– maybe even getting a bite out of the infamous Minnesotan tater tot hotdish– is definitely something to look forward to. However, the worst part about holiday parties is saying goodbye: it takes hours to actually get out the door. It’s the classic demonstration of Minnesota Nice: everyone here is too nice to leave when they actually say they will.

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Minnesota may not be the perfect state to live in, but all of these unique factors and more make us who we are. So don’t hold back this winter season—go sledding or skiing with friends, drink more Caribou coffee, stay warm, and don’t be afraid to show your Minnesota pride!

One thought on “Minnesotan Check!

  1. I’ve lived in lots of places and Minnesotans really do have their own culture. One of my favorite Minnesotan holiday (and everyday) traditions is never taking the last bite of any food item!


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