A Complete Guide to Black Friday Survival 

by Lindsey Muench, junior writing coach


Welcome campers! With Thanksgiving approaching, Black Friday is just around the corner. Sure, turkey and family are important, but we’re focusing on a very complex task: Black Friday shopping.

If you’re a hardcore Black Friday enthusiast and camp outside of stores, chances are you already know how to survive… My advice for you is to bring a few 5 Hour Energies and bundle up!

black fri 4

Fun fact: Last year, Google analyzed foot traffic data from U.S. smartphones to see how crowded stores get during the holiday season. On Black Friday, traffic was lowest from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., and highest between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Here, I have for you a guide, to not only survive Black Friday, but thrive. By the end of this blog, you’re going to be the new Bear Grylls of Black Friday, so stay tuned for tips, tricks, and life hacks other shoppers can only dream about. 

Use your trusty device 

black fri 3

Chances are you already possess the most valuable item to secure your Back Friday success: your mobile phone. Here are a few ways you can make your phone your best friend on Black Friday.

Hop on social media

Instead of flipping through endless magazines, newspapers, and catalogs to find coupons for what you want, follow retailers on social media. They often post promotions and deals on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Download coupon apps!

Try downloading these free apps to make shopping more efficient, quicker, and cheaper! 

  • Shopular. Shopular is an app that shows you deals when you approach stores you love! 
  • Flipp. Flipp shows you coupons from hundreds of retailers. You also get to custom make shopping lists. 
  • The Coupons App. The Coupon App is a flyer and coupon aggregator. You can customize your alerts to your shopping preferences.
  • TheBlackFriday.com App. The name speaks for itself! This app shows you the most exclusive Black Friday deals. I would recommend this one specifically for the optimal Balck Friday app of choice. 

Plan ahead

        We all know it’s going to be the busiest shopping day of the year this Friday, so don’t leave the house without a plan of where you’re going, and what you want to buy. 

        According to Shopify, 27 percent of US shoppers plan to go on Thanksgiving day, compared to a whopping 70 on Black Friday, so start early!

        A good way to get on track to finding deals is checking the good ‘ole Sunday papers. Look through catalogs, then hop online. There are so many Black Friday websites that can help you, and you can sign up to receive deal alerts from helpful sites like BradsDeals.com, BlackFriday.com, and Nerd Wallet

Dress comfortably, relax, and stay safe

        We all know Black Friday altercations can turn toxic. Make sure you’re taking basic precautions, after all, it’s just shopping. Make sure to be extra careful in the parking lots, try not to fig over the last items, keep valuables close, and dress warm! We love layers!

black fri 2

Black Friday not your thing?

        Mark your calendar for these equally important, but much less stressful upcoming shopping dates you most likely never knew existed.

Small Business Saturday: Saturday, November 30. This day is not so much about getting stellar deals, but about supporting your community. Small Business Saturday encourages people to shop small and bring more holiday shopping to local businesses.

Cyber Monday: Monday, December 2. The Black Friday of the internet! 

Green Monday: Monday, December 9. Green Monday is another internet sales day to encourage further holiday cheer. It’s also for those who realize they only have 10 shipping days left before Christmas and haven’t gotten anything yet… If this happens a lot, you know who you are, so look out for this day.

Free shipping day: Sunday, December 14.

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